For Explorers

In 2013, the Deutsches Technikmuseum celebrated its 30th birthday. The museum’s foundation, which also supports four other cultural institutions, commissioned us to create a new corporate design. We started things off with a branding workshop and got to work defining a clear position.
Technology in these times?

What is a technology museum supposed to stand for in an age when the thrill of technology has given way to concerns about the future? What can you exhibit when technology has changed from straightforward and mechanical to minuscule and digital? In a two-day workshop with staff and management, we discussed these questions and established the museum’s brand values.

A museum of connections to discover

Working together with the foundation, we defined strengths and values, studied the competition and staked out our own position. The Deutsches Technikmuseum is not just a place for marveling at technological innovations and understanding how they work, but a museum of connections just waiting to be discovered.

A world of diversity under one roof

The foundation runs not only the Deutsches Technikmuseum, but also Science Center Spectrum, the Sugar Museum, the Archenhold Observatory and the Zeiss Großplanetarium. We provided an anchor for all this diversity in the form of a new corporate design and a well-structured brand architecture. The visual language reflects the foundation's basic philosophy of explaining the history of technology in the context of the history of humanity.