Editorial Design

We do editorial design. We make printed materials more visually expressive – from layout to cover, from typesetting to typography, from business cards to outdoor posters. We turn books, brochures, annual reports, theatre schedules, catalogues and posters into powerful print products. Many of them are award winners.
Consistency and character

Editorial design lends consistency and character to a publication’s visual identity. We create compelling and aesthetically appealing presentations of texts, infographics, illustrations and photographs that always incorporate both continuities and surprises. No cow is set in stone though – we demolish design conventions when needed.

Look and feel

Superior print products are one of our passions. We design books, brochures, catalogues and magazines in precise work that makes use of a range of skills from visual presentation to tactile qualities. Ecologically sustainable production is a priority, and connections between analogue and digital applications are always part of the concept.