The »Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle« are one of Germany’s oldest institutions for social education and an umbrella organization for a divers range of educational opportunities. Our approach to the re-design of Francke’s corporate design merges equally the foundations rich history and their progressive aspirations.

Franckesche Stiftungen are a lively hub for social education in the heart of Halle. Founded by August Hermann Francke in 1698, the institution is at home in half-timbered houses that remind of the cities tradition as educational centre for neighboring regions. Franckesche Stiftungen are a modern cosmos of education that is actively carrying forth legacy and principals of its founder.

We’re managing this balancing act by picking up on the foundation’s richly traditional roots through the logo, while at the same time locating it in the now through use of graceful, user-friendly typograpy elements and generous amounts of white space.

The redesign of a visual appearance for Franckesche Stiftungen is an exciting and challenging task. Their new Corporate Design will have to cover a broad range of content and speak to diverse target audiences – from parents that are looking to register their children with the foundation’s own daycare to the bibliophile Bildungsbürger visiting the historical collections of written documents.

Having worked intensely on positioning and planning further measures we are clear on how a new visual appearance for Franckesche Stiftungen will have to communicate both, the worldly, vibrant presence of the foundation, as well as its intricate roots in tradition and history. The Stiftung’s manual informs on all institutions and partners on site and involved with Franckesche Stiftungen. The yearly magazine has employees report on their projects. Additional printed products, flyers and posters support and announce exhibitions and events. The website will also be included in the redesign.


Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle