We position businesses, cultural organizations and NGOs. We hold focused workshops with our clients where we define clear strategic positions and map out steps for targeted media communications.
Brand analysis

Strategic positioning revolves around a brand’s fundamental values: What does it stand for? Where is it going? How does it relate to its target audience? With the help of design thinking methods, our clients find exciting and unconventional answers to these questions with us. Based on these methods we have developed tools that help our clients define these values and understand the competition in their market.


Using these brand values we position our clients in the market. In the course of our workshop we identify the strengths and unique characteristics of their business or institution and formulate mission statements and visions for the future. Together we localize the core target groups and plan specific actions to reach them.

Communication strategies

As designers we pick up the outcome of our workshops and set concrete goals for a communication strategy then propose solutions that extend to every aspect of brand positioning. Our services reach from the creation of a visual appearence – including corporate design – to media planning and marketing strategies.