Our work centers on communication, design and »phorschung«. Communication won’t make a mountain out of a molehill. But it will make an idea into public opinion, chewing gum into revenue, an inside tip into a full house. For those who have something to say, we supply a platform.


We form an impression of the project, then give it expression. We design posters, curate exhibitions and lay out the catalogs that go with them. We do field research and bind it into a book, or put a video channel online. We give people the voices and tools they need to get involved in the world they want to live in. We design communication, comprehensively and completely.


Our job is to create an image, from logo to web presence right down to business cards; we design books, brochures, fliers and posters; we illustrate and typeset – in short, we do communication design and don’t stop there. We take up an issue and open up spaces where people can come to grips with it.


Our clients and project partners range from theaters and exhibition spaces to foundations and cultural organizations, from schools and universities to urban developers and sustainability experts. We’re not bound by any code, but we like to stand behind whatever it is we’re working for.