anschlaege.de works out of Heikonaut, in Berlin’s Friedrichsfelde neighborhood. We’ve transformed what was once a vacant preschool into a place where we can work alongside fellow designers, photographers, writers and artists. You won’t find us frothing the milk there. We’re more likely to be out in the garden, turning the earth. Or reaching for the stars.


Heikonaut is a multifunctional workspace. It provides whatever space and equipment its crew may require to put new ideas into practice. In the garden is the plantarium, a fulldome lab for 360-degree projections, while the basement houses a workshop, a silkscreen shop, a fabric cutting table and a photo studio. At the heart of it all is the kitchen, designed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, where everyone winds up by lunch at the latest.


In addition to our regular work, anschlaege.de is also involved in various networks and institutions; we support causes worth supporting. We’re interested both in comparing notes with colleagues and in promoting what’s important to us.

KnickKnack Blog

We are blogging. For our blog we discuss creativity and ideas with acquaintances and affiliates.

We are wondering: what in actual matter or fact are ideas? Can you touch them, freeze or squeeze them? Why do some materialize immediately while others stay in depths of mind nirvanas without traces?
KnickKnack is trying to feel, speak and talk out the mystery of ideas by collecting answers from professionals who regularly wrestle self-doubts in favor of working with their ideas.

Say, why have you stayed with something although you were aware it could collapse on you? Immensely fine-tuned sensing abilities for universal effect-cause relations? Steadfast trust in faith? Because Granny told you so?