Our job is to create an image, from logo to web presence right down to business cards; we design books, brochures, fliers and posters; we illustrate and typeset – in short, we do communication design and don’t stop there. We take up an issue and open up spaces where people can come to grips with it.


We consult. Communications consulting, strategic development and concept development are among our core areas of expertise. With our clients we conduct workshops to develop action plans and visualize visions – always up to date and sometimes unorthodox.
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We do corporate design. Whether it is the first time or a redesign, we create a complete image that communicates an organization’s visual identity both internally and externally.
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We design campaigns. Through carefully analyzing markets and target audiences, we develop media strategies that express the essence of an organization's vision. We design messages and visuals that define and enhance our clients public images and reputations – charming, witty and persuasive.
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We design and create websites, that are fun, concise, informative and representative. Our goal is to make usability a positive and memorable experience. Whether its a striking onepager or a complex shopsystem – we develop digital projects in every size and format.
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We do editorial design. We make printed materials more visually expressive – from layout to cover, from typesetting to typography, from business cards to outdoor posters. We turn books, brochures, annual reports, theatre schedules, catalogues and posters into powerful print products. Many of them are award winners.
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For as long as exists, it has been our decided principle to find out what users need from us. Meanwhile, the concept of co-creating has emerged from this tradition of approaching work. We have our clients and users participate in our work - this takes place through small working groups, but also includes whole festivals. disposes of a variety of methods and formats for cooperation on equal terms.
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We orchestrate spaces. Scenography is interdisciplinary and multimedia. Visions become real experiences at the intersection of art, communication and urban design.
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