Studio is a Berlin-based creative agency. Our work centers on communication, design and »phorschung«. We offer individualized solutions for clients with the courage for change.

Communication won’t make a mountain out of a molehill. But it can make an idea into public opinion, chewing gum into revenue, an inside tip into a full house. For those who have something useful to say, we supply a platform – whether that’s an exclusive print product, corporate design, image campaign or complex communication concept.


There’s a yardstick for design: functionality. Good design makes for easy cleanup; it makes books readable and complicated ideas understandable. We work on designs for a better world.


»Phorschung« means experimentation and lightheartedness in the search for new methods of sustainable communication design – radically analog and intelligently online. We don’t work alone. We collaborate with experts, from scientists to poets to grocers. Design is not always the solution.


We have values. We update them regularly.

Human dignity is inviolable.

A simple truth, but it’s always important to say it loud and clear.

Periodic nonsense has normative power.

There’s method in our madness. If you want to go beyond the standard, then you’ll have to break habits, bend rules and cross boundaries with us. Not every risk needs to be taken – especially for its own sake. We keep things in proportion. There’s only one danger we fear: lack of courage.

You can still think when the power’s out.

A smartphone is a multipurpose tool perfectly fitted to the human hand. So is a stone handaxe. You already know what you need? Good. But give us a chance to think outside the box together.

No position is sacred, and no cow is set in stone.

The only thing that’s sacred is deadlines. And quality. Other than that, anything goes. If we’re going to do the best we can on your job, we have to look at it critically. Which means we ask a lot of questions. Including stupid ones. And awkward ones. Don’t be scared! We can learn a lot from each other when we’re honest.

Design is not always the solution.

Not every question can be answered with design. We look for the most sensible and appropriate solution to your problem. Not the prettiest. Because we’re excellent designers, we can also find answers to your questions outside design.

We want to be useful, but we’re not useful idiots.

We’ll work with you to plan your project in detail so you can follow every step of our collaboration. We want you to sleep soundly at night. Which goes for us too. We don’t work nights or weekends. We know what our work is worth. And we value what you do.

We work on designs for a better world.

We want to use design to make the world fairer, more beautiful and easier to understand. Your world. Ours, too.

Team is neither a cube farm nor a one-man show. Along with our four partners and core studio staff, we also have long-standing relationships with a number of freelancers we enjoy working with, and we call on them as projects require.
  • Cecilie Behr

    Graphic Design
  • Marie Breinl

    Project Manager
  • Beate Brüggmann

  • Monique Dahl

    Senior Graphic Design
  • Matthias Dübner

    Senior Graphic Design
  • Philip Förster

    Graphic Design
  • Wencke Hamann

    Freelance Conception / Graphic Design
  • Guido Handrick

    Freelance Web Development
  • Simon Hassler

    Senior UX Design
  • Anne Jänichen

    Studio Manager
  • Christian Lagé

    Managing Partner
    Conception / Strategy
  • Al Ayaasha Medford

    Graphic Design
  • Annette Meikis

    Freelance Graphic Design
  • Prof. Steffen Schuhmann

    Partner / Advisor
  • Peter Ulrich

    Freelance Web Development
  • Rik Watkinson

    Managing Partner
    Art Direction
  • Axel Watzke

    Partner / Advisor

Heikonaut works out of Heikonaut, in Berlin’s Friedrichsfelde neighborhood. We’ve transformed what was once a vacant preschool into a place where we can work alongside fellow designers, photographers, writers and artists. You won’t find us frothing the milk there. We’re more likely to be out in the garden, turning the earth. Or reaching for the stars.

Heikonaut is a multifunctional workspace. It provides whatever space and equipment its crew may require to put new ideas into practice. In the garden is the plantarium, a full-dome lab for 360-degree projections, while the basement houses a workshop, a silkscreen shop, a fabric cutting table and a photo studio. At the heart of it all is the kitchen, designed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, where everyone winds up by lunch at the latest.


We are hiring!
You are a resilient and flexible person with excellent organizational and communication skills. We are looking for you.


If you’re a university student taking advanced courses (in communication design, visual communication, media design, graphic design, etc.) and you’re ready to jump into the working world with both feet, we look forward to receiving your application.

Your responsibilities:

  • Conception
  • Design and production
  • Research
  • Idea generation
  • Image editing
  • Layout
  • Final artwork

Areas of involvement:

  • Corporate, editorial and/or interface design
  • Campaigns
  • Communication (analog and digital)

What you bring to the table:

  • Introductory courses completed
  • Excellent German and English skills
  • Five to six months of your time

What we offer:

  • Fair compensation
  • Clearly defined work hours
  • Friendly coworkers
  • A chance to work on all aspects (conception, creation, production, project management) of interesting assignments

Send a convincing application, including samples of your work, either in PDF format or as a link to your online portfolio, to Anne Jänichen, Our internships start in September or March, depending on the semester.