Via ten fields of action, STATISTA at Berlin Alexanderplatz’ Haus der Statistik develops cultural prototypes for an urban community based on common property. The project’s interpretation of interim use does not lead to gentrification, but solidifies and refines everyones interests – according to Staatskunst of the future, and contrary to the common practice of cultural programs merely sweeping through.


During the Beethoven anniversary year 2020, a special freighter will carry a carefully selected musical program dedicated to the great German composer across national boundaries, from Bonn to Vienna. Ludwig van Beethoven himself went traveling along this route during his lifetime. The BTHVN2020 Musikfrachter will land in 14 cities along the road and offer an extensive program aboard and in the cities.

New utopias, new requirements

Via its program UTOPOLIS, Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren supports cultural centres of twelve German nation states in facilitating sustainable structures for the cultural industry. These model sites test methods for how art and culture can have motivating and change-making effects for neighborhoods and neighbors. We created its website Utopolis. online to be a toolbox that elaborates on a select few of them – and they are meant to be copied!

Think bigger

Architecture Matters is an international conference on the future of architecture and cities that unites relevant actors from architecture, real estate development and politics. Architecture Matters was initiated by Nadin Heinrich in 2016 and takes place for the fourth time this year.

From Coins to Culture

Four different currencies were coined at “Alte Münze” Berlin between commissioning in 1936 and end of production in 2005. Only dark vaults in the spacious cellars, three chimneys and barred windows remind of the building’s past as coin factory nowadays. For around 10 years the large area between Alexanderplatz and Fischerinsel has been used for events, exhibitions and as work space.

Psyche as Political Site

Social and political processes have an unprecedented way of touching upon our most intimate spheres nowadays. New forms of communication transport news and images directly to our inner lifes at all times. So it goes – as is claimed by this exhibition – that the Psyche is becoming a site of the Political.