A hundred years of Bauhaus

Festivities celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus opened with a week long opening festival in Berlin in January 2019. Bettina Wagner-Bergelt’s curation concept made the Akademie der Künste a flamboyant place of present and future and freed the infamous design theory from dust. With this in mind, anschlaege.de designed a campaign for the opening festival.

Emeka Ogboh: »Lagos Soundscapes«

Pioneer sound artist Emeka Ogboh is one of the most exciting artists on the international art scene. For Kerber Verlag, we designed »Lagos Soundscapes«, a book about him that is a compendium of Ogboh’s early corpus of works (2009 – 2014) and focused on Lagos, Nigerias economic and cultural capital. Only subtle typographic differences between the bilingual French and English text-languages highlight an important part of Ogboh’s Œvre: the normalisation of a hybrid society.

Eye level cultural diversity

What’s the form and color of socioculture? For want of a clear answer, we broke up the question and put the people first. From them emerges creativity, connection and social transformation. Our striking Corporate Design for Landesverband Soziokultur Niedersachen attracts the attention of political stakeholders, mirrors Soziokultur’s diversity and speaks to digital nomads as a new target group.

European Peacemaker

A hundred years ago, people were just as confused with the world as we are today. Except they were alive during and in the aftermath of the First World War. In those days, ordinary people did not stand out much. For Jüdisches Museum Berlin we created the exhibition design for the intervention »Carl Melchior – Jüdischer Vorkämpfer eines europäischen Friedens«. Its name-giving hero was such an ordinary guy.

About exhibitions

»Exhibiting the Exhibition« at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden explained exhibiting as a cultural technique – from the cabinets of curiosities to the curatorial situation. It dealt with pieces of art, displays, frames and historical catalogues as well. The exhibition catalogue we designed for it was awarded the Deutsche Designer Club (DDC) award for»Gute Gestaltung 19«!

A to B futurism

“How do we move from A to B in the future?” Open Source Mobility Lab asks on their website. The answer is not: “By car, of course!” As developers of their Corporate Design and consultants for Editorial matters, we are part of building a dialogue about sustainable mobility and futurism within our city.